Development and transformation of sales teams

  • What is the difference between the most successful and average sales people?

  • What needs to be done to turn a sales representative into a trusted partner?
  • How do managers keep sales people in shape?

Best sales people know how to empathically provide and receive information and also create value for clients at every interaction. They do not hesitate to ask demanding questions, truly hear what keeps their clients busy every day, and propose solutions tailored to these situation. They are then perceived by their clients as trusted business partners.

The Art of Selling development program teaches this approach, and it also changes attitude of sales people from “maximizing sales” to “most possible support in clients’ purchasing decisions”.

This Program is intended for B2B sales teams, and combines various training methodologies including animations on the i-Coach platform, sales opportunity computer simulation, training modules, case studies, and coaching of sales people and their managers.

Distributed over time, these varied activities result in high effectiveness in achieving change in the sales process.

The Art of Selling approach has been successfully implemented at larger and smaller companies in cooperation with the UK-founded consulting company Imparta Ltd.


What  Štěpánka Svobodová, Learning&Development Director at Telefónica, said about cooperation with us


can be found on the website of our partner Imparta