Vlasta is a guide to change and provides inspiration along the journey. She seeks sources of strength and listens to dreams that wish to be fulfilled. She likes creative thinking and creating using people’s own hands, and she enjoys discovering unexpected opportunities and paths for herself and for her clients.

She completed studies in psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University. She has focused on psychotherapy and art therapy. She acquired her skills as a coach in the international program The Art of Science of Coaching (Marilyn Atkinson) of the Erickson College in Canada and continued with neurolinguistic programming at NLP Academy of Erickson College. She developed her coaching approach at workshops held with Sir John Whitmore (emotional leadership, inner game) and T. Gallwey (inner game of stress). She also completed team coaching and training for resolution of conflicts and group processes.

She currently focuses on individual and team coaching, management of mastermind groups, and coaching of groups with assignments as well as workshops for discovering, rediscovering, and development of creativity and its practical use.

Vlasta mostly works with AoC as a coach, facilitator, and consultant in projects focusing on management and personal development.

Professional certifications and trainings:

  • PCC – Professional Certified Coach ®
  • Facilitation of Group Processes – IPOP – Institute of Process-Oriented Psychology
  • Inner Game of Stress – W. Timothy Gallwey (2012)
  • Internationally certified program of Neurolinguistic Programming – NLP Practitioner ICF – NLP Academy – Richard Hyams 2011
  • Internationally Certified Coaching Program – Dr Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D – The Art and Science of Coaching (2008)
    Unlocking Thoughts, Passion and Intuition (ICF UK, Neil Scotton) 2008
  • Leadership Coaching – WS – Sir John Whitmore 2008
  • Team Coaching I. II. (Coaching Centre) 2009
  • Psychotherapy training (450 + 220 hours)
  • Art Seminars



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