Professional coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams

  • What will coaching bring to those being coached and how will its impacts be recognised?
  • What do we refer to as professional coaching at Art of Change?
  • Why enhance formal training with coaching or mentoring? 

At Art of Change, we are true fans and supporters of coaching and mentoring. Art of Change coaches are certified at professional level, and they combine this education with their own managerial and sales experience at multinational companies. This usually forms a good basis to build partnership relationships, which are desirable in coaching and mentoring as basis for achieving results.
We perceive coaching as an individual’s journey to fulfilment of his or her potential and as one of the most effective methods of personal and professional development. Professional coaching delivers several useful benefits:

  • New perspectives and a clear view of personal and professional challenges,
  • The courage to start new endeavours and abandon the old ones,
  • Self-confidence and greater confidence in decision-making,
  • Greater satisfaction in interpersonal relations,
  • Personal satisfaction and more happiness in life,
  • Greater productivity and skills to achieve results.

Professional coaching enables more effective learning, while helping to clearly define future goals and create commitments to specific outcomes. An overwhelming majority of companies who have invested in coaching (86%) claim that they have achieved at least return on their investments (source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study, processed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers).

Coaching at Art of Change has a professional foundation, and our coaches have completed a minimum of 1000 hours of delivered coaching, certified training, and international Professional Certified Coach certifications (an internationally recognised system of education and certification of coaches from the International Coach Federation).

Art of Change also supports professional development of coaches in cooperation with the Czech chapter of the International Coach Federation. Each month, a meeting of coaches and supporters of coaching is held at our office under the brand of this global organisation.