Dušan focuses on management and development of people, organisational development, management of sales and sales processes, overall client experience as well as  “plain survival of managers” at work, and sustainable achievement of results in corporate environment or outside.

Cooperation with Art of Change began in 2015, mainly on projects with focus on sales processes and sales teams, and in cooperation with Art of Change partner Imparta.

Dušan studied information technology at the Faculty of Economic Informatics of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. He also attended a college in the United States. He completed basic training as a coach, during which he deepened his skills particularly in management.

He enjoys helping those around him to achieve success and bring improvements and inspiration to their work and lives. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys photography and various types of technology and gadgets.

He has acquired experience as a consultant and coach in smaller training companies and later at Opel, Raytheon and ING/NN. He was responsible for management of a branch for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, was Head of sales strategy director for an insurance company for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, managed an internal sales team of 600 people, as well as HR sales department. At ING, he was also part of the Czech-Slovak and European talent program.

He prefers resolution of non-linear tasks, which he approaches without prejudice and without prepared templates. With his clients, he addresses areas that need improvements as well as reasons for such improvements followed by the desired outcome to be achieved. Together with them, he seeks their own unique way of achieving goals. He perceives coaching as a way of supporting coachee’s individual path to success. Thanks to his experience, he know that only sustainable achievement of results will make a difference in business environment.

He provided consultancy, coaching and training professionally in 2004-2006 and continues again since 2015. He has more than 100 hours of coaching experience. He delivers consulting, facilitation, training, and coaching in Slovak and English.

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