13th century, France. Western Europe is gripped with construction fever. Professions of bricklayer, stone worker or sculptors were highly appreciated. The most talented and most hard-working ended up building cathedrals and magnificent temples that still attract attention today.

The Gothic cathedral in Chartres not far from Paris proudly rises above the Eure River. It is taller than Notre-Dame and is among the tallest structures of its kind! It also has an impressive hidden labyrinth. The black and white tiled path built into the floor of the main temple chamber has a diameter of 12 metres. It leads pilgrims through corners, for a while, directly into the middle and, for a while, back to the perimeter. In short, it is a labyrinth.

Every Friday, the labyrinth at Chartres is opened to the public and visited by dozens of pilgrims. Many believe that whoever walks through the labyrinth barefoot will be elevated to a higher spiritual, physical or intellectual level, while others focus on how the labyrinth presents the material word and how the light from the interior window brings in what can only be accurately referred to as other-worldly awe.

2011, Czech republic. A group of enthusiastic and ambitious people decided to come up with a functioning project and a company. Their creative agency happened to offer them a logo which includes a graphic print of the labyrinth in Chartres. And this is how the legacy of the Gothic cathedral is combined with the values and philosophy of people who are setting off on a journey to their next professional endeavour. They also want to build a cathedral…

Art of Change is founded. And it is still necessary to take one more important step. To see the labyrinth in Chartres with their own eyes! So, in September 2012, they board a car and after a few hours finally arrive at the cathedral and join up with pilgrims who also want to experience the mystery of the site.

Each pilgrim is asked, before taking the first steps along the trail of the labyrinth, to first clear their mind and walk in a circle that surrounds the entire labyrinth. Then they are prepared to venture into the labyrinth and are carried away by its mysterious as well as simple character. At one point, they near the centre, at other times move away for lengthy periods, during which the goal seems to vanish and difficult to achieve. Those who can persevere and be patient and willing will certainly reach the goal.

The wisdom of the labyrinth says: “The journey appears longer than you expect.” In the labyrinth, you are in constant motion, and sometimes you stop for a while, while at other times you hesitate and wonder whether you are on the right path… Short-cuts do not exist, and you will always have to get through the entire labyrinth. No quick or miraculous solutions exist. The time and tempo you choose to reach the goal exist.

The same also applies for our work: one training session will not change an individual or a team. Gradually walking through the labyrinth is the key to the Art of Change.

We at Art of Change are here to: