“I selected Art of Change for cooperation mainly due to their natural approach and focus on people that they apply when communicating with their clients. It was clear to me already from the initial consultation that they were sincerely interested in getting to know and developing me as a person, which had a major impact on building mutual trust. It was made possible for me to realise the significance of the regular 121 meetings with team members, and I improved my ability to give feedback, to think intensively about how to motivate the team and to communicate regarding unpleasant topics. Diana is an experienced coach with an amazing ability to ask even unpleasant questions with elegance while at the same time with a sense of urgency to find an answer to a particular question. What resonates with me the most in the cooperation is the honesty with which Diana is able to communicate and share her thoughts. This is particularly true when a person manages to set aside ego and realises that such honesty is important both in the person’s work and in the person’s personal life. Together with Diana and Jana, we have been able to identify the development strengths of team members and to implement them in their personal goals. The cooperation with Art of Change has made mastering of my new position easier both for me and for the entire team.”

Aleš Peterka
Sales Director of Iron Mountain