“I have been working with Jana Byczkowská and Diana Kotková for several years already, mainly in development of management skills of our managers and talents.  Why do I enjoy using their services?  The reason is, as the name of the company suggests, they truly achieve real changes and shifts in the skills and attitudes of their clients. Both ladies have a large amount of business and management experience, which they use in an excellent manner in professionally managed and truly very demanding coaching and mentoring, which often even leads to the boundaries of the comfort zone.  For example, I greatly appreciate the combination of the “workshop-coaching-follow up for supervisors” which involves not only the development of the employee, but also the employee’s manager and the HR department. Art of Change for me is a modern company that monitors worldwide trends in development and is not afraid to try out non-traditional approaches. My most recent experience in Art of Change was a workshop in which through humility we learned rational decision-making. It was both very rewarding and enjoyable at the same time.”

Martina Ježková
HR Director TCHIBO Praha, spol. s r.o.