Stanka has already been devoted professionally to working with people for 20 years. With understanding and respect, she guides her clients through their own personal and professional growth. She helps them overcome challenges and make their dreams come true in ways that involve greater self-realisation. 

She has been working with Art of Change in the role of a facilitator and coach in the project The Art of Team Interplay: How NASA builds teams. She is excited to be able to contribute to raising awareness of the fact that communication and cooperation in teams of all sizes is managed by “an invisible field” of social context as well as about how to make use of such knowledge in practice.

She has been involved actively in coaching since 2011 for development programs and individuals. She coaches in Czech, Slovak and English.

She also works as an instructor and facilitator in self experience programs focused on understanding of basic direction, bringing out one’s own “human aspect” and authenticity in both personal and work lives and realisation of one’s own power and personal strength. With enthusiasm, she focuses on well-being with all of the deeper aspects of well lived life, which she has developed into a well-being concept used in her seminars and individual consultations.

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