Petr likes to support clients in times when they suspect that something needs to be changed, but they do not know what exactly. Petr helps them to find out what needs to change and encourages and supports them to make desired changes. He believes that to achieve the goals, the easiest / most important / most effective one is to start with a change in yourself rather than expect change from others.

Petr has been professionally involved in the development of people since 2015 and has been working with Art of Change since 2019. He specializes in the development of sales departments and management coaching and leadership development. Until 2015, he gained experience especially in business departments of multinational companies and went through positions from salesman to sales director. As time went by, he realized that the fulfillment and joy of the way to success was standing and falling on people. “You can have a great vision, goals, sophisticated strategies. Most of all, we need people who have the dedication, interest and skills to bring everything to life.”
That is why he decided to leave the world of big companies in 2014 and set out on the path of his own development and support for the development of others through coaching, training, consulting. He has successfully implemented development projects for ČEZ a.s., Česká spořitelna a.s., Economia a.s. and more.

Petr trains and coaches in Czech and English.

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